My journey from burning agua to being a great cook!



In this space, we are going to go on a journey of self-discovery.   It is a noble task to achieve the mastery of the oldest art form, cooking!  I like many people never learned to cook.  I would eat out all the time or for a change eat processed foods like ramen noodles.  Join me to learn all the secrets to being a good cook.  Join me on this exploration of the culinary arts and together we can achieve the highest compliment, "You are a great cook!"


Yolanda Ortega in blue dress

Experiment of the Week

Join me as I try to learn new recipes each week in my own kitchen.  I sometimes follow the recipe word for word and other times I improvise.  Afterall cooking is an art!

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Chef's Blog

Follow my journey as I learn the elements of being a great cook through trial and error.  I am honest and funny and try to convey my unique personality through my personal blog.

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Product Reviews

In order to create great food, you need great tools!  The essentials and the luxuries are important.  Join me as I review different kitchen products and gadgets that have made my job as a great cook easier.

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Recommended Resources

For the latest in recommendations and to learn all the great things I have to share go to my Recommended Resources page and bookmark it. I keep it up to date with changes as I learn about new tools and service perfect for a burgeoning chef!