My journey from burning agua to being a great cook!

About Us

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My Story

I am a Mexican-American woman who never learned to cook.  I always rejected the idea of being a traditional woman and learning the art of cooking.  As I got older I realized that cooking really is a wonderful skill.  I still hate the clean-up, and sometimes after a long day, the urge to go out to a quick taco truck still strikes me.  However, as I have been on this journey, I have discovered that I can make whatever any other cook can make with a little experimentation, courage, and hard work. This is my story and you are the guest at my table!

Our Approach

We will start with the easiest recipes.  I am a novice on a journey after all.  We will shop for the freshest ingredients.  Sometimes we follow the recipe verbatim, sometimes we improvise.  I will share the secret tips and the mistakes.  There has never been an artist who achieved a masterpiece as she was learning to hone her technique.  The objective is to have fun as I grow into being a culinary artist and teach you along the way.

Next Steps...

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