My journey from burning agua to being a great cook!

Recommended Resources

This is a list of products and services that I personally paid for and use on day to day basis.  As you follow my journey, you have learned that financially I started at rock bottom, so the items I recommend were bought with value and frugality in mind.  I will never recommend anything that I don’t think is essential.  The only thing I ask is if you’re going to sign up for it anyways, please use my links so I can get credit for referring you.

Please bookmark this page, as I continuously update with new products and services.  I am constantly seeking the new and exciting technology, courses, gadgets and tools for my readers.  Whenever I start using something different or better, I try to post a review.  Results obviously vary from user to user but these are resources I personally recommend.

Yolanda at Caminos

I bought my domain name and hosting service for my website with GoDaddy.  In addition, I utilize Microsoft Office for all my career related documents.
Work from anywhere, get more done! 30% off Microsoft Office 365 from GoDaddy!

All pots and pans I use to cook with are from the Cookware Outlet

One of my favorite monthly spirit clubs is the club!-88x31 banner

Grocery Delivery
For home delivery of groceries, I use a service called Peapod.  It is my source for products such as staples like oil, sugar, salt, eggs, and name brands like Oreos, Diet Coke, and Corn Flakes.  The service is available in the following markets:

  • Chicagoland, Milwaukee, S.E. Wisconsin, Indianapolis
  • Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Southern New Hampshire
  • New York, New Jersey
  • Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C.
  • Philadelphia, S.E. Pennsylvania, Central Pennsylvania